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Harnessing AI to Uncover New Therapeutic Horizons

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Who We Are

Delta4, founded in 2019, is an AI Drug Discovery TechBio company at the forefront of detecting relationships between drugs with a known safety profile and rare diseases. This allows us to unearth new indications that could potentially revolutionize the way treatments find their way to patients. With a dedicated team of professionals, ranging from computational biologists to intellectual property experts, Delta4 is driven by the singular mission of enhancing patient care across the globe.

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Our work

What We Do

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Discovering The Unseen

By harnessing the power of our unique AI-powered platform, Hyper-C, Delta4 has been at the spearhead of drug repurposing and indication expansion. Our main goal is to pinpoint undetected correlations between existing drugs and diseases. Through this, we present new therapeutic options more swiftly, economically, and efficiently than ever before.

Hyper-C: Our Pride

Operated by our highly skilled team of computational biologists, Hyper-C is our keystone in identifying these relationships. It’s not just about speed but the precision and accuracy with which we offer unique insights for drug repurposing and indication expansion.

Drug repurposing and indication expansion represent a paradigm shift, offering a cost-effective way to discover new uses for existing drugs. Our investment in Hyper-C is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the drug discovery space.

Our Team: The Heart of Delta4

Executive Leadership:

Kurt Herpel - CEO

Kurt Herpel (CEO) is a pharma executive with vast experience in leading organizations. Besides big pharma, he is experienced in start-up situations and smaller enterprises.

Klaus Kratochwill - CSO

Klaus Kratochwill (CSO) is a translational researcher, and biochemist by training. He is an expert in omics data generation and analysis. In Delta4, he is responsible for coordinating all scientific activities.

Alfred Steininger - CFO

Alfred Steininger (CFO) is a financial professional with a deep knowledge of banking and capital markets. He has worked in a couple of different countries and for both large and small organizations.

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Delta4 Team


Kurt Herpel, CEO


Klaus Kratochwill, CSO


Alfred Steininger, CFO

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Iguratimod Case Study


Recent Press Releases

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Delta4 joins the EU-funded COST action PerMediK (Personalized medicine in chronic kidney disease: improved outcome based on Big Data)

The scientific goal of PerMediK is to foster development toward personalized medicine in chronic kidney disease (CKD), based on multidimensional ...
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scientist reviewing data on computer

Delta4 Announces Prof. Doron Lancet To Join Scientific Advisory Board

VIENNA, Austria, March 6th, 2023 — Delta4, a digital drug discovery company focusing on the identification of new indications for ...
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Kurt Herpel, CEO of Delta4, and Revital Rattenbach, CEO of 4P-Pharma, celebrating the signature of a partnership agreement between Delta4 and 4P-Pharma in Paris (France).

4P-Pharma And Delta4 Join Forces To Find And Develop Treatments For A Rare Autoimmune Chronic Liver Disease

Paris (France) and Vienna (Austria), 31st May 2022 – 4P-Pharma, a French clinical-stage biotechnology company, and Delta4, an Austrian digital ...
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clinical trial consultation

Delta4, in preparation for the first clinical study, focused on FSGS

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a devastating clinical condition with defined glomerular histopathology and yet a multifaceted pathophysiological, histological, and ...
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A hand holding a pen on a tablet in the dark.

Delta4 Announces Dr. Hans Lehrach to Join Scientific Advisory Board

VIENNA, Austria, September 27th, 2021 — Delta4, a digital drug discovery company focusing on the identification of new indications for ...
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A laptop on a desk.

Press Release – April ’21

Delta4 Announces Closing of Multi-million Series A Financing Round Company to Expand Focus Beyond Renal Diseases and COVID-19 Compounds Identified ...
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A laptop on a desk.

Press Release – June 2020

Delta4 Announces Results Achieved with Drug Discovery Platform Vienna, Europe (June 2, 2020) – Delta4, a biotech company using its ...
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