Knowledge about fairness:

Delta4’s goals for promotion of women and diversity

The principle of equality of opportunity is an inherent part of Delta4’s culture and a central pillar of its HR development.

Delta4 is committed to ensuring that the diversity of its staff members is respected. Breaking down barriers, increasing awareness and combating discrimination are key aspects of this.

Delta4 is committed to openness to all people, regardless of their origin and color, and to tolerance in matters of national provenance and faith. The company rejects discrimination on the basis of ethnic, national, religious, or sexual prejudice.


Gender mainstreaming and promotion of women at Delta4

Promotion of women is an important goal for Delta4.

The management supports and advises all team members on matters of equality and promotion of women, in particular to remove structural obstacles to women in science and to increase the proportion of women at all qualification stages.

Targeted measures to promote women are implemented to encourage women to apply for careers in Delta4 and to support them in this endeavor. The aim is to achieve a balanced ratio of men and women in all staff positions and to eliminate any underrepresentation or disadvantaging of women, as well as strengthen the professional status of women in science.

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Gender-specific and gender medicine research at Delta4

The Delta4 management supports the tech team in initiating projects relating to research into women’s health and gender.

In addition to this, Delta4 also continuously includes Gender Medicine aspects in the development of their own pipeline assets.