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What is Hyper-C?

Today the pharmaceutical industry demands ever greater effectiveness, faster turnaround times, and lower costs, despite having to process massive amounts of data. In response to such uncompromising demands, effective handling of big data has become key for the next step of drug development.

Hyper-C is our revolutionary in-silico platform powered by sophisticated algorithms for drug discovery and development. Over 70 man-years of development time have been invested into Hyper-C’s creation to make it one of the most powerful platforms for identifying undetected relationships between drug candidates and diseases at a molecular level. Allowing pharmaceutical companies to create innovative treatments that hit the market faster than ever before and helping patients in dire need of novel and effective treatments in under-researched rare diseases to get help currently unavailable to them.


The Hyper-C Drug Discovery Process

A wire mesh sphere on a black background.

Hyper-C extracts biomedical data from numerous sources such as scientific literature, clinical trials, patents, Omics datasets, and dedicated biomedical databases and organizes these vast and different data sources into structured form. These structured data form the basis for modeling disease pathophysiology as well as drug mechanism of action on the molecular level. Drug repositioning candidates are identified via network alignment algorithms thus matching drug mechanism of action with disease pathophysiology.

The Hyper-C process in a nutshell:

Harvest biomedical data from 20+ major data sources such as scientific literature, clinical trials, Omics datasets, patents, and dedicated biomedical databases.

Generate network-based molecular models of disease pathophysiology and drug mechanism of action.​

Identify beneficial drug-disease-matches via network alignment algorithms.

Propose novel indications for indication expansion based on the interference of disease pathophysiology and drug mechanism of action.

Propose drug leads for further development based on the interference of disease pathophysiology and drug mechanism of action.

Propose biomarker candidates at the interference of disease pathophysiology and drug mechanism of action supporting further preclinical and clinical drug development.

Analyze proposed drug candidates and indication expansion opportunities in terms of business and IP perspectives.

The Advantages of Hyper-C

Hyper-C is a very effective tool to detect relationships between drugs and diseases that would otherwise remain buried in the universe of available biomedical data. The full potential of Hyper-C is unlocked within Delta4 resulting in the following key benefits:

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