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Helping millions of patients with rare diseases by pioneering the treatments of tomorrow, today

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A passionate team dedicated to finding effective treatments for complex diseases

At Delta4 you’ll find computational biologists, medical experts, molecular biologists, full-stack developers, intellectual property experts, etc. An amazing group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and uniquely talented in their specialties.

What binds us all, the reason we’re excited to get to the office every morning, is our passion for helping patients around the world. There are millions of people who are afflicted by orphan diseases. We spend our days discovering the treatments that will improve their quality of life and then work hard to get them into their hands as soon as safely possible.

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Our work

What We Do

Discovering new orphan drugs with a known safety profile by using a sophisticated AI-based in-silico platform

We combine state-of-the-art technology, enormous amounts of data, and the best of human ingenuity to discover treatments for the most complex and rare diseases.

We do this by leveraging our proprietary in-silico platform, Hyper-C. Its AI-powered collection of thousands of algorithms aid in discovering new indications for compounds with known safety profiles.

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What We're Doing

There’s never a dull moment at Delta4. Our scientists and developers are always busy discovering and developing compounds to confront disease.

Through years of experience and careful planning, we’ve developed a methodology and process that is successfully taking multiple compounds from discovery to market.

Learn about our process and how we tackle the challenges of drug discovery to bring innovative treatments to market and protect our intellectual property.

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Streamlining Transparency and Cooperation provides a unique platform where researchers and suppliers can both find each other and work together more easily. They provide a collaboration framework to streamline the typically long and tedious process of defining the terms and conditions of an agreement.
Members can work together smoothly and effortlessly by agreeing to the rules of the platform. The result is that together we can achieve the results we need faster.

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Forging the innovative treatments of the future requires brilliant minds and we’re always on the lookout for talent.


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