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Delta4 - The AI Drug Discovery Company


Why Delta4?

We are an artificial intelligence (AI) powered drug discovery company focusing on finding solutions to complex and rare diseases. We do this by uncovering undetected relationships between drugs with a known safety profile and diseases to identify new indications.

Though there are several techbio companies on the market, they are not all the same. There are a few reasons why we’ve stood out and become a leader of AI-driven innovation in the biotech industry.



Our Approach

At the heart of our drug development process is our in-silico platform – Hyper-C. Over 70 man-years of development have gone into creating a revolutionary platform that efficiently identifies undetected relationships between drug candidates and diseases at the chemical compound level.

Hyper-C achieves this through an iterative process where immense quantities of data from 15+ major data stores including biomedical literature, molecular modeling, clinical studies, investigations, clinical trials, etc. are analyzed against disease models. Utilizing its algorithmic intelligence Hyper-C efficiently identifies relationships between drugs and diseases. The result is a proposed shortlist of potential drug candidates that have survived countless rounds of in-silico testing.

Many other AI-enabled drug discovery platforms are akin to a black box in that the result(s) are not always understandable. Hyper-C provides a clear mechanism of action hypothesis and biomarkers for patient stratification. This allows our team to quickly work with and interpret the data. It also has the added benefit of making it easier to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Business Model

Delta4 has two main value drivers that complement and derive synergies from one another.

The Value of Our Pipeline

At any given moment, our drug development pipeline has a number of projects at different stages. These projects involve the discovery of new indications for drugs with known safety profiles. These allow us to drive value in the following manner:


  • Filing patents with in-silico data
  • Assets can be sold to pharmaceutical companies upon the availability of clinical data


  • Pharmaceutical companies with experience in the relevant indication
  • Access through amplifiers/congresses

Service Projects

The capabilities and efficiencies that Hyper-C and our team provide in repurposing drugs are contracted out to different parties, for example, pharmaceutical companies. This model yields repeat business as well as research framework agreements.


  • Contracting out our infrastructure, software platform, and process to find new indications for a specific drug or new drugs for a given indication for third parties


  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research companies

Our Service

What We Can Do

The AI drug discovery process can encompass many different capabilities. While discovering and repurposing drugs is the bulk of what we focus on, there are many things that Delta4 is contracted to do for its clients. Below is a brief list of our capabilities.

Get To Know Us

Our Team

Delta4 is backed by a diverse team with an abundance of knowledge and experience in key fields. We are all passionately dedicated to discovering innovative and effective drugs for patients with rare diseases so that we can improve their health and quality of life.

Our Partners & Clients

It’s an honor and a privilege to be working with the best of the best!

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