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Delta4 Announces Prof. Doron Lancet To Join Scientific Advisory Board

VIENNA, Austria, March 6th, 2023 — Delta4, a digital drug discovery company focusing on the identification of new indications for existing drug compounds, today announced that Prof. Doron Lancet will join its Scientific Advisory Board. Prof. Lancet is a distinguished scientist in the area of genetics and systems biology.

“We are excited to have Prof. Lancet join our Scientific Advisory Board“, commented Kurt Herpel, CEO of Delta4. Herpel added: “His insights and achievements in human genetics, as well as his eminent expertise in the research of olfaction, will be a valuable enrichment for Delta4, as we continue to develop and scale the company. This expertise is highly relevant for both of our strategic priorities, on one hand, the highly innovative projects we work on in cooperation with some of the world’s top Pharma and Biotech companies, and on the other hand the growing cohort of our own (“pipeline”) projects.”

Prof. Lancet stated: “It is a great pleasure for me to join the Scientific Advisory Board of Delta4. I am convinced that my expertise in human olfaction at the molecular, cellular, and organismic levels, as well as the proteomics, genomics, and genetics of olfaction, will make it possible for me to support progress in the research and development projects at Delta4.”

As a member of Delta4’s Scientific Advisory Board Prof. Lancet brings to the company a wealth of experience as one of the systems biology pioneers in the field of human genetics. His decades-long career and experience led to the development of the ground-breaking genetics research tool GeneCards ®, a database that is widely used in the biomedical field. Lancet has been a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization since 1996.

About Delta4’s Drug Discovery Platform

Delta4’s drug discovery platform Hyper-C was successfully applied in contract research for global pharma and biotechnology companies. It integrates in-silico drug discovery and big data analysis with extensive expertise in molecular biology and clinical development. Due to its unique technology, Delta4 delivers not only drug candidates but also mechanistic hypotheses about the underlying mode of action, significantly increasing their value for pharmaceutical development.

About Delta4

Delta4 is a drug discovery and development company, combining in-silico drug discovery and big data analysis with extensive expertise in molecular biology and clinical development of a powerful proprietary drug discovery platform. This platform generates promising drug candidates annotated with biological and medical information, resulting in a fast track to establishing a clinical proof of concept.

Delta4 was founded in 2019. The company is based in Vienna, Austria.

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