Life-Science Investment Days, Vienna

Life-Science Investment Days, Vienna

Delta4 Attends the Life Science Investment Days Event of 2019

The Life Science Investment Days event held in Vienna from November 7 to 8, 2019, was a significant conference aimed at bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the field of deep tech innovation, particularly within the healthcare and life science industries. This event was notable for its focus on fostering world-class deep tech innovation and was deeply embedded in the life science sector in Vienna, which is recognized for its high quality of life and thriving healthcare industry.

The event’s program included a variety of key activities spread over the two days. On November 7, there was an evening reception, while November 8 featured a full schedule starting with registration in the morning, followed by a welcome note, a keynote address, and a panel discussion on the topic of “Life Science Deep Tech Investment – Europe – Quo vadis?”. This was followed by a luncheon, multiple tracks focusing on topics like life science funding, company pitching, and workshops covering financing, business development, legal issues, and public funding.

The discussion panels included notable figures like Jasmin Güngör, an investment manager at Hermann Hauser Investment GmbH, who spoke about “Early Stage Funding – Challenges and Pitfalls”. Other panelists included Felix Faltin from Speedinvest, Astrid Woollard from Scytale Ventures, and Jaromir Zahradka from i&i. These discussions were crucial for understanding the dynamics of early-stage funding and investment in the life sciences sector.

Among the attendees was Delta4, a young TechBio company specializing in AI-driven drug discovery for complex and rare diseases. The company leveraged this platform to gain deeper insights into the latest trends in life science investment and to network with potential investors and collaborators.

This event represented an important opportunity for startups and venture capital funds to come together, with the aim of fueling investment in healthtech and other related fields. The Vienna Life Sciences Investment Day was a landmark occasion, marking the first of its kind in the city, and was seen as a potential starting point for making this an ongoing, regular event in the life science investment community.

The Significance Of Life Science Investment Days

The significance of the Life Science Investment Days event lies in its ability to provide a unique confluence of ideas, expertise, and opportunities. It serves as a crucible for innovation, where theoretical concepts meet practical investment, driving the future of the industry.

For Delta4, attending this event was not just an opportunity to share their groundbreaking work in AI-driven drug discovery but also a chance to engage with the broader life science community. Their participation underscored their commitment to leveraging AI for the advancement of healthcare and the treatment of rare diseases.

The Life Science Investment Days event of 2019 will be remembered as a milestone where industry pioneers like Delta4 contributed to and benefited from a collective vision for a healthier, more innovative future in life sciences.