A scientist works on a computer displaying medical data. In the background, two other scientists conduct experiments in a lab. The environment is bright and clinical.

Delta4 Featured in the Finanz und Wirtschaft (FuW)

Delta4 is honored to have been featured in a recent article by Finanz und Wirtschaft, highlighting our pioneering work in AI-driven drug repurposing. The article sheds light on how our AI-powered platform, Hyper-C, identifies novel therapeutic uses for existing drugs, offering hope for more efficient and effective treatment strategies for a range of complex conditions. Being recognized by such a prestigious publication underscores the significance of our innovative approach and the impact it can have on the future of drug discovery. The original article in German can be found in the Finanz und Wirtschaft (FuW)

Overview of the Article

The piece discusses how drug repurposing stands to benefit considerably from the use of artificial intelligence. It gives great details on Delta4’s specialization in this field through our AI-supported platform, Hyper-C, which identifies connections between existing drugs and undiscovered therapeutic targets. 

Our CEO, Kurt Herpel, explains that, in contrast to other platforms, our Hyper-C provides understandable results, allowing customers to see why the AI has identified certain diseases. Additionally, our platform can search for active ingredients that can positively influence diseases, adding several promising substances to our drug development pipeline, many of which are still in the preclinical or early clinical stages.

About Finanz und Wirtschaft (FuW)

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