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FSGS and COVID-19 programs ready for Phase II studies

We are proud to announce further progress in our current drug discovery and development programs. In late 2020, Delta4 filed four patent applications for compounds and combinations of compounds for the treatment of FSGS, a rare kidney disease with only limited therapeutic options, and COVID-19.

Today, drug candidates from both programs have been biologically validated and in-vivo tested. Our first FSGS drug candidate is now ready to move into Phase II of clinical testing (the compound was extensively studied as a therapy in a different indication and we “repositioned” it as a potential FSGS therapy.) Similarly, we are currently preparing to start clinical testing of our COVID-19 drug candidate(s) in cooperation with a major European university hospital.

Being able to identify drug candidates in two unrelated indications, to file four patent applications for a number of compounds and combinations of compounds in these indications, and further to biologically validate two development candidates and make them ready for Phase II clinical trials is a huge achievement for Delta4. We are even prouder of our achievements, as we managed to get from kick-off of the respective programs to a shortlist of promising compounds after only 8 weeks. Overall, in both programs we were able to have a development candidate ready for Phase II studies in just 14 months.

Based on these achievements we are now looking forward to moving into new disease areas. As in FSGS and COVID-19, we plan to identify drug candidates and validate them, so that they are ready for further development, including out-licensing or outright sale.

If you are interested in discussing licensing and other business development opportunities, you can contact us via e-mail ( or by using the contact menu on this website.

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