Management Team

Kurt Herpel (CEO) is a pharma executive with vast experience in leading organisations. Besides big pharma, he is experienced in start-up situations and smaller enterprises.
Klaus Kratochwill (CSO) is a translational researcher, biochemist by training. He is an expert for omics data generation and analysis. In Delta4, he is responsible for coordinating all scientific activities.
Alfred Steininger (CFO) is a financial professional with a deep knowledge in banking and capital markets. He has worked in a couple of different countries and for both large and small organizations.
Dorota Wojenska (Executive Assistant) has been active in the pharmaceutical trade for more than 10 years. Furthermore, she has experience in Sales, Quality Management, Administrative Support and the coordination of audiovisual / multimedia projects.

Technology Team

Paul Perco is an expert in computational biology, bioinformatics and biostatistics for digital drug discovery.
Samuel Gerner is a bioinformatician
experienced in working with various
omics data, data integration and data analysis.
Matthias Ley is a full stack software developer with a strong background in biosignal analysis.
Christoph Gebeshuber is a renowned specialist in FSGS animal models and responsible for drug candidate testing.
Andreas Heinzel is an experienced IT specialist
with a focus on bioinformatics.

Advisory Council

Veronika Clarici-Fanfule is an M&A expert and experienced technology investor.
Urs Breitenstein is an advisor, Board member and C-level manager with deep expertise in Corporate Finance, especially also in Life Sciences.
Walter Heindl is a financial expert with more than 25 years of experience in Investment Banking / Capital Markets, combined with a strong background in leadership and strategy.
Christoph Aufricht is a translational medical researcher and an expert for drug development in nephrology and rare diseases.

Scientific Advisory Board

Peter Turecek is an expert in pharmaceutical biotechnology, regulatory affairs and intellectual property rights (IPR) protection.
Larry Greenbaum is a leading pediatric nephrologist and a well-known international expert for kidney disease.
Bernd Mayer is a renowned expert for computational biology and digital drug development strategies.
Hans Lehrach was among the initiators of the Human Genome Project and is a pioneer in the application of next generation sequencing techniques and systems medicine for the development of personalized therapies.