Company Profile

Delta4 is a Vienna-based biotech startup driving the forefront of digital drug discovery and development. Delta4 leverages on a proprietary computational analytics platform (e.valuation), combined with straightforward biomedical testing and clinical validation of candidate drugs. Our unique approach integrates iterative big data/in silico and experimental screens, offering the most efficient matching of clinical indications and compound/drug effect. 

Our R&D process allows a fast track to clinical stage testing; our methodological core is tailored toward precision to increase the probability of success.

Our focus is the repositioning of existing drugs for novel indications. With generating IP for such drug-disease combinations we establish a pipeline of clinically and economically attractive indications. 

Using a unique methodology Delta4 aims to significantly shorten the development time and increase the probability of success of drug indication screening. Available safety profiles for approved and repositioned drugs further increase the likelihood for success in clinical trials.

As first therapeutic area Delta4 has chosen an orphan indication leading to terminal kidney failure. Our project team combines significant medical and biological competence in the renal field, assembling all expertise to address this devastating disorder with high and unmet medical need. 

In addition to our drug repositioning workflow, best-in class animal models are in place for in vivo testing of candidate compounds. Delta4 advanced this project to pre-clinical testing, with promising candidates to be forwarded to clinical proof-of-concept. Using our technological platform we are able to identify promising therapeutic areas with attractive IP opportunities, commercial potential and manageable clinical trials.

The Delta4 team of scientific experts holds a longstanding collaboration in computational biology, big data analytics, biochemistry and medicine, and is complemented by experts in IP, pharma and medtech management. The development of the algorithmic base of Delta4’s proprietary platform started almost 15 years ago. 

In early 2021 Delta4 secured a Series A investment to broaden the development pipeline and advance candidates into clinical testing as well as to parallelize and automate development steps for turning big data into successful drugs.