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What We Do

AI-Powered Platform to Discover & Develop Therapies.

Cut Costs, Save Time, and Increase Success.

We help our clients discover undetected relationships between drugs with a known safety profile to identify new indications.

We do this by leveraging Hyper-C, our proprietary artificial intelligence powered platform that allows us to detect these relationships with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Hyper-C is operated by our team of highly skilled computational biologists who carefully analyze the data to produce unique insights and detect drug indication expansion opportunities.

The results are new therapeutic options that find their way to market faster, more cost-effectively than ever before.

Hyper-C | Our Platform

Intelligent systems for unparalleled results.

Hyper-C stands for Hyper Connectivity. It’s our proprietary AI platform housing an enormous collection of algorithmic intelligence.

The platform feeds on big data and uses its algorithms and data integration to build molecular models which go through an iterative refinement process matching them to diseases. This sophisticated process utilizing thousands of pre-computed models effectively matches compounds to diseases for more efficient biological testing and clinical trials.

Hyper-C is unique in that unlike other AI platforms, it eliminates the black box problem. Its results provide a clear mechanism of action hypothesis that aids in regulatory requirements.

In-silico AI platform
De-risking with existing safety profiles
70 man-years of development
In-silico AI platform
De-risking with existing safety profiles
70 man-years of development
Learn more about our platform, the exceptional team that operates it, and how it can help you identify new indications for compounds with a higher probability of success in the biological testing and clinical phases.

Iguratimod Case Study:

Identifying The Treatments of Tomorrow, Today!

Delta4, a frontrunner in the TechBio realm, unveiled potential new indications for the drug Iguratimod using its AI-powered in-silico platform, Hyper-C. Tapping into sophisticated algorithms, Hyper-C meticulously analyzed the Iguratimod drug model against an extensive catalog of disease profiles, pinpointing potential avenues for indication expansion. This data potentially revolutionizes how we perceive and utilize Iguratimod in the medical field.

Dive into our video presentation to uncover the intricate processes by which Hyper-C made these revelations and explore the promising new indications. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey into the future of drug indication expansion!

Iguratimod Case Study

Our Process

An efficient and cost-effective methodology streamlined for success

While Hyper-C's AI makes it one of the most formidable tools on the market for repurposing drugs with known safety profiles, it's still only a tool.
Delta4's success lies in its powerful 7-step drug discovery process to efficiently and cost-effectively develop assets.
Our approach combines the best of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence in drug discovery with the invaluable skills of our talented computational biologists.
The process begins by harvesting high-quality data on potential drug candidates, chemical structures, and human diseases that Hyper-C integrates through an iterative process to build molecular models.
Once Hyper-C generates a shortlist of proposed matches, our team reviews the data to identify the best candidates to move on to the biological testing (in-vitro/in-vivo) phase and then clinical testing.
Our drug development process reliably gets drugs to market faster and more reliably than ever before.
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Learn more about our process and our pipeline of assets to see what we’re working on.

Who We Are

Crafting the treatments of the future.

Delta4 is a TechBio company focused on helping clients expand indications for existing drugs with known safety profiles.

We accelerate new treatment options to improve the health of patients and get them into their hands faster, more safely, and more efficiently than traditional approaches.

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Our Partners & Clients

It’s an honor and a privilege to be working with the best of the best!

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