Peter Turecek

Dr. Turecek started his career in 1984 in academia at the Institute of Biochemistry of the University of Vienna, Austria. From there he joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1989. He has held management positions in Immuno, Oesterreichisches Institute of Hemoderivatives, Baxter, Baxalta, Shire, and now Takeda primarily in R&D in the areas of vaccines, recombinant proteins, downstream processing, plasma fractionation, as well as diagnostics and preclinical product characterization. His work resulted in more than 1400 patents in 75 patent families, and in more than 130 papers and book articles, the majority in peer reviewed journals. He had leading roles and direct research and product development responsibility for several biopharmaceuticals indicated for rare diseases with globally licensed medicinal products and devices. These products represent premier brands in different therapeutic segments with sales exceeding billions USD.

Dr Turecek holds a doctorate in biochemistry, a magister pharmaciae degree, and a diploma in business administration. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Vienna and an Honorary Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria. There and at other universities he lectures as guest professor of pharmacology and toxicology, pharmaceutical- and protein-biotechnology, and quality and regulatory affairs issues of the biopharmaceutical industry. Representing pharma companies as a leader and Senior Director in Medical Affairs throughout all continents he established networks with global reach.  

Dr Turecek’s fields of expertise include pharmaceutical biotechnology, blood coagulation, plasma products, protein purification and characterization, pathogen inactivation, quality control, biomarker-, device- and assay development, diagnostics, and clinical studies. He represents biopharma to international regulatory authorities and to scientific and public organizations and is a frequent speaker at international scientific and academic conferences. He is a peer reviewer of scientific publications of several high-impact and specialized journals. Previously he reviewed grant applications for the European Commission and other international bodies. He is chairman of the Standards Committee “Hemostaseology” of DIN and of the Blood Products Committee of BIOSafe Special Biologics Expert Working Group, a BIO organization, and is assigned by the Federal Republic of Austria as a permanent specialist to Group of Experts Nr. 6B on Human Plasma and Plasma Products and Nr. 6 on Biological and Biotechnological Products in the European Pharmacopoeia, where he developed monographs guiding regulatory authorities and pharma manufacturers.