Andreas Heinzel

Andreas Heinzel is a Bioinformatician by training. He studied Bioinformatics at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences from where he obtained his MSc. in 2010. Already during his studies he joined the team of emergentec biodevelopment GmbH. In his first years at emergentec Andreas was involved in multiple immunoinformatics projects specifically focusing on the identification of B-Cell epitopes. Later in his career at emergentec he joined the applied bioinformatics team working on the identification of prognostic and predictive biomarkers in various indications. In parallel Andreas was also part of the e.valuation software platfom development team as a software engineer and application scientist allowing him to bridge the gap between the development and the research teams. In beginning of 2017 he joined the nephrogene research group at the department of nephrology at the Medical University of Vienna to primarily work on alloimmunity in the field of kidney transplantation. In addition to his research activities Andreas is active as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.